Test 4


SECTION 1    Questions 1-10

Questions 1-6
Complete the notes below.
Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.


Customer heard about Thorndyke's from a 

Name: Edith

Address: Flat 4,

       Park Flats

       (Behind the  )

Phone number: 875934

Best time to contact customer: during the

Where to park: opposite entrance next to the

Needs full quote showing all the jobs and the


Questions 7-10
Complete the table below.
Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Work to be done


Replace the  in the door

Fix tomorrow

Paint wall above the

Strip paint and plaster approximately one  in advance


One 10  needs replacing (end of garden)



SECTION 2   Questions 11-20
Questions 11-15
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.


11 Why did a port originally develop at Manham?

It was safe from enemy attack.

It was convenient for river transport.

It had a good position on the sea coast.

12 What caused Manham's sudden expansion during the Industrial Revolution?

the improvement in mining techniques

the increase in demand for metals

the discovery of tin in the area

13 Why did rocks have to sent away from Manham to be processed?

shortage of fuel

poor transport systems

lack of skills among local people

14 What happened when the port declined in the twentieth century?

The workers went away.

Traditional skills were lost.

Buildings were used for new purposes.

15 What did the Manham Trust hop to do?

discover the location of the original port

provide jobs for the unemployed

rebuild the port complex


Questions 16-20
Complete the table below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer
Tourist attractions in Manham
Place Features and activities Advice
copper mine

specially adapted miners 16  take visitors into the mountain

the mine is 17  and enclosed - unsuitable for children and animals

village school

classrooms and a special exhibition of 18 

a 19  is recommended

'The George' (old sailing ship)

the ship's wheel (was lost but has now been restored)

children shouldn't use the 20 


SECTION 3   Questions 21-30

Questions 21 and 22
Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO skills did Laura improve as a result of her work placement?






Questions 23 and 24
Choose TWO letters, A-E,

Which TWO immediate benefits did the company get from Laura's work placement?

updates for its software

B cost savings

an improved image

D new clients

a growth in sales


Questions 25-30

What source of information should Tim use at each of the following stages of the work placement?

Choose SIX answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-G, next to questions 25-30.

Sources of Information

company manager

company's personnel department

persoanl tutor

psychology department


F university careers officer


Stages of the work placement procedure

25 obtaining booklet  

26 discussing options 

27 getting updates 

28 responding to invitation for interview 

29 informing about outcome of interview 

30 requesting a reference 


SECTION 4 Questions 31-40

Questions 31-33
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C

31 The speaker says that one problem with nanotechnology is that

it could threaten our way of life.

it could be used to spy on people

it is misunderstood by the public.

32 According to the speaker, some scientists believe that nano-particles

should be restricted to secure environments.

should be used with more caution.

should only be developed for essential products.

33 In the speaker's opinion, research into nanotechnology

has yet to win popular support.

could be seen as unethical.

ought to be continued.


Questions 34-40
Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer

Uses of Nanotechnology


  • Nanotechnnology could allow the development of stronger 34 
  • Planes would be much lighter in weight.
  • 35  travel will be made available to the masses.


  • Computers will be even smaller, faster, and will have a greater 36 
  • 37  energy will become more affordable

The Environment

  • Nano-robots could rebuild the ozone layer.
  • Pollutants such as 38  could be removed from water more easily.
  • There will be no 39  from manufacturing.

Health and Medicine

  • New methods of food production could eradicate famine.
  • Analysis of medical 40  will be speeded up.
  • Life expectancy could be increased.