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Q : What is your full name?

A : My full name is William Smith Jr. I was named after my great grand father.

Q : How can i call you?

A : My friends and family members call me Will. You can call me William or Will.

Q : Could you tell me what is meant by your name?

A : It's my father, who named me "William Smith", despite being relatively common, it is actually reference to my grand father's name. My name doesn't have any specific meaning.

Q : Where do you basically come from?

A : I'm from Melbourne which is capital city of Victoria. Melbourne is a picturesque city with beautiful beaches.

Q : Where are you living now?

A : Currently, I am living in Cairns with my girl friend in a flat. I've been living there from past 3 years.

Q : Why are you living here?

A : I am working in a renowned organization as a Software Engineer. As the company is based in Cairns, I am working from this location.

Q : Can you elaborate a bit on your native place?

A : I was born in Melbourne which is a famous city in Australia. It is capital of Victoria state and it is known for it's music, art centres and museums.

Q : Could you describe your street?

A : I live on a quiet residential street. But, on weekends a local market is held at the end of the street and several people from neighborhood come to visit it.

Q : Could you describe your house?

A : I live in a flat in a high-rise building. It is not too big or not too small and it is located in the suburbs of the city.

Q : Could you describe your favorite room in your house?

A : My favorite room in my house is my bed room. It has a small table and chair bought from IKEA. There are two paintings hanging on the wall, one is portrait and the other is landscape.

Q : Could you tell me about your family?

A : My mother is a gynecologist and my father is a business man. I have a younger sister, she is pursuing her graduation in a university.

Q : What are your hobbies?

A : Well, I have several hobbies which include collecting stamps, cycling and swimming. These days I am focusing more on swimming and I can perform free style and butterfly strokes.

Q : Which country are you planning to go to and why?

A : I am planning to go to Canada. I want to pursue my masters in University of Toronto, it offers wide variety of courses.

Q : Do you often travel?

A : I travel twice a year because I feel travelling rejuvenates me. It is the most effective way to stay healthy, live happier and longer.

Q : Do you like singing?

A : To be honest, I am not a good singer. However, when I was a kid, my parents made me to sing poems and songs in front of my relatives, guests and neighbours when they visited my home.

Q : Do you play any music instruments?

A : I learned guitar in my childhood days, and I was part of my school band. Currently, I am working on a song and planning to release it, next week

Q : What types of public transport do people use in your town?

A : People in my town prefer to use local trains, which is by far the fastest means of transport. However, a few people like to use buses or trams.

Q : How did you come here today?

A : I used my motor bike to come here. The streets were packed even though it is a holiday here. It took, almost half and hour for me to reach the destination.

Q : With whom do you live?

A : I live in an apartment with my parents and siblings. I have been living with them from my childhood. It is a nuclear and happy family.

Q : Do you often see your friends?

A : I have several friends and I always like to keep in touch with them. Every weekend we catch up and roam around the city, we also play football on holidays. It is necessary to have good friends.

Q : Do you have favorite book?

A : My favorite book is Wings of Fire. It was written by A.P.J Abdul Kalam and it was gifted by my friend on my birthday. This book helps you to focus on your goals

Q : Do you like to wear jeans?

A : Yes, I do, and I feel comfortable when I wear jeans because the fabric that is used to make jeans is denim. It is durable and convenient. Well, I think everybody loves wearing jeans!

Q : What do you usually read?

A : Well, I read all sorts of things such as novels, newspapers, magazines and online articles. But mostly I like to read fictional.

Q : What is your favorite animal?

A : My favorite animal is Lion, it is the king of jungle and the attitude of lion is bold. It is also national animal of my country.

Q : Do you often play sports?

A : I love sports and I play cricket twice a week. I am an opening batsman for my team. I am also a keen swimmer and I go to swimming daily.

Q : What TV shows do you like watching?

A : I like to watch comedy serials. Recently I started watching After Life on Netflix, it is funny and I am in love with it. I don't like watching a few reality shows because I feel they are not real.

Q : Do you prefer tea or coffee?

A : To be honest I don't like either tea or coffee. Indeed, I like to drink a cup of milk because it is healthy and rich in calcium.

Q : Do you like cooking?

A : I am not a skilled cook. But I know the basics like boiling eggs, making instant noodles. I am thinking to learn how to cook biryani.

Q : What is your favorite TV show?

A : My favorite TV show is Game of Thrones. I watch it three times a week. I also like Money Heist, and waiting for final season to be released.

Q : Do you enjoy reading books?

A : Yes, I certainly do, I like to read books while commuting from my office to home. Currently, I am reading Greenlights, which was written by Matthew McConaughey

Q : Do you like your job?

A : Yes, I certainly do because I like developing applications and I learn new technologies every day which helps me to keep up to date in this competitive world. As part of my job I meet several people who are located globally.

Q : Have you been to other countries?

A : I didn't get a chance to visit other countries. But I like to travel to other nations and learn their cultures and traditions

Q : How often do you use and English dictionary?

A : Well, English has become part of my daily life and I regularly come across a few words for which I don't know the meaning. So, I use online dictionaries frequently to know the synonyms of those words.

Q : Do you often spend time with your friends

A : I love to meet my friends. I used to meet them twice a week. But these days because of the pandemic we hardly meet. However, we call and message each other daily.

Q : What newspapers do you read?

A : I mainly read two newspapers. One is New York times and the other is The Hindustan Times. I go through the newspapers to keep myself up to date and to know the current affairs in my country.

Q : Do you use public transport to go to work or study?

A : Yes, I do. I use local train to commute to my office because it is the fastest way to travel and it is convenient and comfortable. The fares are affordable, and it connects every part of my city.

Q : Do you often watch TV?

A : When I was a kid, I used to watch TV. These days I would rather prefer OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and so on. Because these websites contain several web series and movies, and I can watch these whenever I want.

Q : Do you like going out?

A : Well, I used to go out two or three times a week with my friends. Nowadays because of this pandemic situation I am staying indoors and spending quality time with my family.

Q : Do you often give flowers as a present?

A : To be honest, I never gave a bouquet of flowers to anyone till now. Usually, I prefer presenting a watch or a gift card to people I like.

Q : What do you use internet for?

A : I use internet to read online books and learn new technologies which can be helpful for my job. I also download movies and watch them whenever I have free time.

Q : Do you often spend time with your family?

A : I live with my family and I spend most of my time with them. I have close relationship with my parents, and we regularly go to movies, restaurants and shopping.

Q : Do you work or study?

A : I completed my graduation, five years back. Currently I am working as a Software Engineer in an IT firm and I am planning to pursue my masters in coming years.

Q : What is your job?

A : Well, I work for a reputed organisation. I've been working there for 3 years or so. Basically, my job involves developing and testing the application and I also train people who joined the company recently.

Q : Why did you choose this job?

A : I am interested in computers and programming languages and it is my passion to develop applications. I enjoy coding and not only that I get high salary and several other benefits.

Q : What do you like about your job?

A : Well, I work with several people and I get to know them. My schedule is flexible, I can work whenever I need. I enjoy the work I do and my colleagues are awesome, together we make a great team.

Q : What does your typical day look like?

A : I start my day off by checking emails and reply to my clients. Then, I look over my to-do list and get started on the projects that have my top priority. At the end of the day, I update my manager about the work I completed.

Q : What are your main responsibilities at work?

A : My responsibilities include checking whether the company's website is functioning properly and effectively. I also train people who joined organisation recently.

Q : If you had a chance, would you change your job?

A : At present I am happy with my job. I enjoy the work I do, and my co-workers are awesome, together we make a great team. I don't see a purpose to change my job.

Q : Do you prefer to work in the mornings or in the evenings?

A : Personally, I like to work in the evenings because it is difficult for me to get out of the bed in the mornings. However, sometimes it is difficult to sleep after working late.

Q : Have you ever worked on weekends?

A : Yes, I do work on weekends occasionally. My company compensates me by providing a holiday on weekday. So that I can utilize it whenever I needed.