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Q : Do you like movies?

A : Yes, I enjoy watching films when I want to relax. I go out with my friends at least once in a month to watch a movie.

Q : What kind of films do you like?

A : I like comedies, thrillers and action movies. My favourite movie is 'Titanic', it won 11 oscars in total.

Q : How often do you watch films?

A : I love to watch movies during my leisure time. Usually I watch 3 to 4 movies a month. Recently I watched 'Deadpool', I liked it.

Q : Do you like to watch movies alone or with your friends?

A : I'd rather watch movies my friends. We always have a good time together. I feel bored if I watch alone.

Q : Do you prefer to watch movies in the cinema or at home?

A : I prefer to watch movies at the cinema, because I love to watch the films on big screen, with a better sound system. However, these days I am also watching movies on Netflix, Prime and other OTT platforms at home.

Q : Do you like to dance?

A : Well, I am not a good dancer. But, I love to watch people watching. I regularly go to dance shows and concerts and my favourite dancer is Michael Jackson, I admire him a lot.

Q : Do you like to listen to music?

A : Yes, I do. I usually listen to music when I commute from one place to other. My favourite musician is 'Hans Zimmer' and he is really amazing.

Q : What kinds of music do you like?

A : I like to listen to different kinds of music such as pop, jazz, rock, hip hop and so on. Recently I am finding myself much interested in soul music.

Q : What kinds of music are popular in your country?

A : People in my country has different tastes. However, I think most people like hip hop and dance music in my country.

Q : Have you ever learned to draw?

A : When I was a kid I used to draw different things. But now I don't find much time to spend on drawing.

Q : What is your favorite sport?

A : My favourite sport is cricket. I love playing cricket, I am professional cricket and opening batsman for my team. I have been playing cricket since my childhood.

Q : Why do you like it so much?

A : When I was a kid, I used to watch cricket a lot and it became my favourite game. It rejuvenates me and I have lot of fun when I am playing or watching it on TV.

Q : What is the most popular sport in your country?

A : People in my country love cricket. Even though hockey is the national game of my country, people like cricket more than hockey.

Q : Do you like to exercise daily?

A : Yes, I do. I go to gym regularly, it helps me to stay fit and healthy. These days I am also going to swimming. Swimming keeps you fresh and active.

Q : How much time do you spend exercising?

A : I go to gym five times a week and I spend 1 hour in the gym. On weekends I go to swimming and spend couple of hours there.

Q : What are the advantages of regular exercise?

A : If you exercise regularly, you will stay stronger, healthier. You can sleep better and it really helps to calm your busy mind.

Q : Do you think primary school children should have sports classes at school?

A : I think primary school children love to play, because they have lot of energy and they are always interested in sports. Introducing sports at an early age, will help them in many ways.

Q : Tell me about your close friend

A : I have several friends and I always like to keep in touch with. To mention, John is my best friend, he is the most intelligent and hard working person I've ever known.

Q : How do you spend time with your friends?

A : I love to spend quality time with my friends. We frequently go to movies and restaurants and on weekends we play cricket, football and chit chat a lot.

Q : Who takes care of household chores at your home?

A : My mother takes care of household chores. On holidays or weekends, my dad or me take care of all the household chores. Sometimes I cook and help my mom in other things.

Q : What kind of flowers do you know about?

A : There are flowers all around. I feel so fascinated by their vibrant shades. I know about a lot of flowers because my mother is an avid gardener. There are orchids of different colours, yellow and red roses, dahlia and lily.

Q : Are there any flowers with special meaning in your country?

A : Yes, there are certain flowers with some religious or cultural significance. Hibiscus is national flower of my country. For, buddhists, the lotus symbolises divinity, knowledge and enlightenment. Easter lily stands for purity.