Describe a course that impressed you a lot
  • what was the course about?

  • where did you take the course?

  • what did you do during the course?

  • And explain why it impressed you a lot

I am someone who takes up new learnings seriously as I am interested in constant development in order to enhance my skills. Besides educational skills, I have also learned some practical skills that help me in day-to-day life. Ever since I was a kid, I have had a tacit love for cakes and pastries. Now that I have some basic knowledge of cooking, I thought it was time I signed up for a baking course.

Last month, I attended a crash course in baking conducted by a renowned culinary institute called ‘The Cookery’. It was only a kilometer away from where I live, so going there was not much of a hassle. The institute offered various courses, but I was keen on signing up for baking. I have to say, they did a fantastic job setting up the place with lots of space and equipment. 

They started by teaching the basics of baking such as the proportions of ingredients needed, heating, and refrigeration. Further, I learned how to make the cake batter, the amount of ingredients included for different textures and also learned to make icing.

I was so thrilled to experiment with the recipes. The professionals there also gave us many tips and instructed some dos and don’ts of baking. Their way of teaching was certainly splendid. Although, I made a mess a couple of times, I managed to successfully make a nicely baked cake and bread towards the end of the course. I was content with the exemplary teaching services provided and even recommended it to some of my friends.



  1. Tacit - unspoken
  2. Renowned - famous
  3. Splendid - impressive
  4. Exemplary - ideal

Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. Why do some people have better memory?

The human brain is so intricate that it functions differently for each person. Some people have high functioning brain activity which allows them to retain some things in their memory for longer periods than others. This could be because of the genetic mutations they acquired from their parents and some also train themselves to remember better.

2. Which can help people remember things better, words or photos?

In my view, photos are easier to remember than words. As the famous saying goes, a picture can speak a thousand words; so, when it comes to remembering countless words, it is always better to depict something using pictures which helps someone get a grasp on it. Furthermore, it is easier to recall pictures easily.

3. Can technology help people remember things better? How?

I don’t think remembering things has much to do with technology but there are some tools available that help train a person to retain information for a longer time. However, now-a-days, technology has made things easier such as we can set a reminder for birthdays, meetings etc., instead of trying to remember them. So, when things are just a click away, we don’t see the need to remember all the time.