Describe a gift you would like to buy for your friend
  • What gift you would like to buy?

  • Who would you like to give it to?

  • Why would you like to buy a gift for him/her?

  • And explain why you choose that gift

Giving presents to family and friends is a way of showing affection. I often receive gifts on significant occasions and also give them, usually on birthdays and anniversaries. I have received some precious gifts in my life and I believe I have given some good ones as well. I would like to talk about one gift that I am soon going to give to my best friend Kaira.

Kaira and I have been friends since childhood. Actually, we went to the same school and college and spent our entire childhood together gleefully. She has given me many presents for when we graduated and when I got my first job, to state a few occasions. I have also given her some but a piano is the one thing that I wanted to gift her as she was very fascinated with it. 

When we went out a year ago to look at some art pieces and musical instruments, she instantly fell in love with a piano. I decided immediately to gift a piano to her on the occasion of her birthday. At the time, it was too expensive but now, I have saved enough to finally gift it to her. She has always found things that I liked once and astonished me with them. I think it’s my turn now to give her a grand surprise. 

It is one of those gifts that makes a person feel flabbergasted and extremely happy. I have already made arrangements to get it to her personally on her birthday this year. I cannot wait to finally present it to her and I am sure she will love it.



  1. Gleefully - happily
  2. Fascinated - interested in
  3. Astonished - surprised
  4. Flabbergast - surprise greatly

Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. What is the importance of gifts?

Presents denote that the person giving them remembers the special occasion of their loved one. No matter how small or big a gift is, it is very special to the ones that receive it. It indicates a sweet gesture and gifts can act as memory holders where someone can recollect fond moments of their life by looking at them later.

2. Is there any pressure on us to buy presents?

No, there is no pressure on buying gifts nor there is a compulsion to do so. It is entirely voluntary for a person to buy a gift for someone. Sometimes, people just want to make others feel happy on occasions like anniversaries and birthdays by presenting them with things that they like the most.

3. Do people in your country often give gifts?

Yes, people in India often give gifts to others. I would say, all we need is an occasion to celebrate and give gifts. Commonly, people buy presents for others when they attend weddings, birthday or anniversary parties and some other occasions. Well, I received some presents when I graduated college and found a job.

4. What’s the value of giving presents?

I believe gifts are sweet gestures. They are not quantified by the price they might have cost but by the love that someone has. Many times, people give gifts to their loved ones on special occasions and that makes them feel happy.

5. What kinds of gifts are suitable for friends to give each other?

Some common gifts that friends prefer giving each other would be watches and clothes. People who know their friends very well would think of a creative gift and surprise them. Recently, I gifted my friend a handmade resin rose art piece as I know she loves intricate art pieces and she was absolutely surprised when I gave it to her.