Describe a good decision you made recently.
  • What was it?

  • When have you made it?

  • What was the result?

  • And explain how you felt about it?

Decisions play an important role in one’s life, whatever may the outcome be, they always teach something valuable. The decision of leaving my congenial job for a better one which utilises my skills innovatively and pays more has proved to be beneficial for me. 

Last year, amid the Covid 19 pandemic and work from home scenarios, I had a tough time growing professionally while trying to gain recognition. It was then that I realised I was a bit too indulged in the comfort zone I created for myself in my old job. I then decided to leave it behind for a more challenging role where I can perform critical activities whilst learning something new which is quite vital to grow in a technological world. 

I am proud to say that my decision proved to be fruitful. My current job demands my skills to be utilised for various purposes on a daily basis and offers new learnings along the way. The management encourages me to take part in technical as well as fun activities at workplace. 

I feel content with what I am doing as part of my work, and I am glad I made the decision at the right time. I believe it is never too late to change something if we have the will to make our life better. It is better to face an adversity to have a finer career which eventually leads to a peaceful life. 



  1. Congenial – pleasant because suited to one’s inclination
  2. Amid – in the middle of
  3. Indulge – allow oneself to enjoy
  4. Fruitful – producing good results
  5. Content – a state of satisfaction

Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. What decisions do people make every day?

I think our daily life involves taking several decisions such as what to wear, where to eat, how to spend our leisure time etc. Besides, sometimes we are faced with critical choices which become key decisions in our lives.

2. Why do people make decisions?

Decision making gives a power of control. We often see in many households; the head of the family makes important decisions which puts them in a superior place. Decisions also alter our lives in a way and let us learn from the consequences of making some.

3. Can children take decisions on their own?

I believe children can make decisions on their own to some extent. However, parents should guide their children in the right path enabling them to become better human beings and create individuals with social responsibility.

4. When do people change their decision?

People usually change their decisions when they are faced with multiple options to choose from. When what they decided early proves to be inferior to something that can give them better results, they tend to differ from their original choice.