Describe a live sports match that you have watched
  • What it was

  • When you watched it

  • What it was like

  • And how you felt about it

I love sports and I am a professional cricket player. I play cricket every week and I am an opening batsman for my team. Cricket is a gentleman’s game and it needs two teams and each team contains 11 players. Each team has to bowl and bat; the team which scores more runs will win the match. To play cricket you need to stay fit and healthy and it is similar to ‘American Baseball’. I would like to describe about a sports event that I attended last week with my friends. It was an international cricket match between India and Australia.

The match was conducted at ‘Wankhede Stadium’ in Mumbai. It is a huge stadium with a capacity of 30000. The stadium has been host to numerous high-profile cricket matches in the past, most notably the 2011 cricket world cup final, in which India defeated Sri Lanka and became world champion. In the match between India vs Australia, India won the toss and elected to bat first. India scored 320 runs in 50 overs and Rohit Sharma made 175 runs; he is my favourite cricket player and I like to bat like him. 

Later, Australia scored 315 runs in 50 overs by losing 8 wickets. It was a neck-to-neck match and I still remember that the crowd in the stadium was cheering and shouting a lot. Australia were required to score 15 runs in the last over, but were unable to score the needed runs and lost the match. It was an enthralling match and players made everyone spellbound with their game strategies.

Rohit Sharma was presented with the man of the match award for scoring the highest runs. After the match, I got the chance to meet Indian players. I met Rohit, Virat and Jadeja. I took a few pictures and updated them on my facebook page. It was really a memorable moment for me. Later, my friends and I went to a local restaurant and celebrated the Indian team's victory. We are planning to go to the next match again, which is going to happen next week.


  • Professional – Expert, Experienced
  • Notably – Particularly, Impressively
  • Enthralling – Fascinating, Thrilling
  • Spellbound – Mesmerized, Bewildered

Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. Do you prefer to watch live sports or watch it on TV?

I prefer to do both. I regularly watch cricket matches on Television, It is great way to relax. However, sometime I go to stadiums to watch live matches, it is amazing experience to watch how the real game will be.

2. Why do some people like to watch live sports

Well, there are several reasons. Thrill of seeing their favourite players with their own eyes, just metres away from them! Definitely makes them feel that they really exist after all, compared to how you feel seeing them on TV!

3. What kind of sports do people in your country like to watch?

People in my country mostly like to watch cricket. These days IPL has become so popular that every person follows and want their team to win the trophy. At the same time, a few people also like watching other sports like Football, Tennis and Hockey.

4. Do you think competition is good for students?

Competition is good for students. It is quite normal for people to judge themselves against others. In a supportive environment it can teach a student to accept failure without losing self-esteem