Describe a puzzle you have played
  • what it is like

  • how easy or difficult it is

  • how long it takes you to solve it

  • and how you feel about it

Sample Answer 1: 

Well, solving puzzles is my biggest time killer. Since my childhood I used to solve different types of puzzles like crossword, sudoku, riddles and Rubik’s cube. Of all the puzzles, Rubik’s cube is my favourite. Rubik’s cube is also known as ‘Magic Cube’ is invented by ‘Erno Rubik’. It has 6 sides and each side contains 9 stickers. These stickers will be in different colours like white, red, blue, orange, green and yellow.  For the puzzle to be solved, each face must be returned to have only one colour. 

The interest in Rubik’s cube was developed because of my elder brother. He always has a Rubik’s cube either on his study table or in his hands. He solves all types of cubes in a few minutes. Once he solved a puzzle in just 75 seconds. He was awarded the ‘Fastest Puzzle Solver’ award when he was in high school. He always astonished me with his puzzle solving techniques. 

Initially I tried to solve it and failed even after several attempts. Then my brother guided me with a few tips and strategies to follow while solving it. Though he helped me, it’s not easy to fix it properly; it requires a lot of determination and focus. It took me many attempts to finally gain a hand on it. I watched youtube videos for more tips and went through a plethora of articles about Rubik’s cube. After practicing several times, now I can solve it in a few minutes. I believe it is difficult for a beginner, but with continuous practice and efforts, one can solve it easily.

I can surely say that, it improved my patience. At times it can take hours to solve a puzzle. Working on this classic puzzle requires a lot of strategies that can deal with unpredicted twists and lead to greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. It keeps my mind active and enhances concentration.



  1. Astonished – Amazed, Stunned
  2. Determination – Will power
  3. Plethora – Plenty
  4. Strategy – Plan
  5. Accomplishment – Achievement


Sample Answer 2:

I customarily play board games and puzzles as I am a fan of indoor games. As a child, I played a variety of games like carroms, ludo, checkers and jigsaw puzzles. I particularly loved playing jigsaw puzzles and still do. The puzzles have distinctly shaped pieces which interlock with one another which once solved, produces a picture. The difficulty of the puzzle increases with the number of pieces to be arranged. The most difficult one I played was a puzzle of 800 pieces and it took me about a day to completely solve it. 

The first ever puzzle that I solved was a jigsaw puzzle where I needed to connect a hundred pieces in order to solve it and it was gifted to me by my aunt for my 12th birthday. I was exuberant once I was able to solve it as it revealed a beautiful picture of a mountain range. Since then, I started buying them and started solving whenever I found leisure time. The medium level of the puzzles has about 200 to 250 pieces which I can solve in about an hour. I gradually increased difficulty to improve my problem-solving abilities and also have more fun.

It gives me a refreshing feel whenever I sit to solve a puzzle and I feel energetic when I finally complete it. The interesting thing is these puzzles are now available on mobile phones, which enables us to play it wherever we are without having to carry the physical pieces along. I love playing it on my phone as well as the physical one since it is my favourite pastime. 



  1. Customarily – usually
  2. Distinctly – distinguishable
  3. Leisure – free time
  4. Exuberant – full of excitement

Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. Why do parents let their children play puzzles?

Parents encourage their children to solve puzzles because, it enhances problem solving techniques. The ability to learn and understand a problem can be developed through solving puzzles and a few riddles are also brain teasers, which might be knowledgeable and funny.

2. What kind of puzzles improve people's intelligence?

Solving puzzles is a good exercise to one’s brain. Puzzles like crossword and sudoku aid in improving language and mathematical skills while jigsaw and similar puzzles help improve analytical and problem-solving skills that boost our intelligence.

3. Why are detective stories attractive to people?

Detective stories offer suspense and keep the audience on the edge of their seat while watching or reading them. Furthermore, these stories enable people to guess the twist and plot using their own imagination. We are naturally attracted to mysteries which invoke an interest driving us to solve it.

4. Which one do you think is better? A detective movie or its original novel?

In my view, nothing beats the original novels. Novels have intricate details and offer an in-depth analysis of several situations that occur in the story while movies only cover a part of them. Many parts from the books are omitted while they are made into movies.