Describe a time when you changed your opinion
  • When was it?

  • What was the original opinion?

  • Why did you change it?

  • And explain how you felt about it

I am highly opinionated and seldom change my view on something. I usually carry the same thoughts about something, but meeting a married couple changed my opinion about marriages. I travelled to visit my friend who lives with her family in Pune last month and it was then that I was propounded with a completely different stance. Her parents have a healthy relationship and have mutual respect. Although I was sceptical about staying a week there, it proved to be a good visit as I had a change of opinion. 

For a long time, I thought marriages were not what they were projected to be. They can be very hard and require a colossal amount of patience and effort. In my then view, marriages are just accidents waiting to happen which eventually end in vain. Anyway, after meeting my friends’ parents and spending time with them, I formed a new perspective about marriages. When I expressed my thoughts, they laughed at how naïve I was and provided valuable advice. It was their understanding and love, with some occasional fights, that changed my views. 

I believe every relationship has its ups and downs. While marriages demand a long-term commitment, I felt it would be all worth it seeing how beautiful it could turn into while looking at the couple I met. It was a drastic switch for me, but it felt nice to have a new viewpoint on something that I thought could never change. 



  1. Opinionated – assertive
  2. Propounded – presented
  3. Stance – viewpoint
  4. Colossal – extremely large or great
  5. Naïve – showing a lack of experience

Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. Do children like to change opinion?

It seems to me that kids have a change in opinion frequently. Based on the experiences and various challenges they face daily; they change their opinion quite quickly.

2. Why do people change their opinion?

People generally reconsider their opinions when faced with contradicting thoughts or evidence. They go over their thoughts and beliefs; weigh them against what they have come across. Eventually, they change their viewpoint on a subject.

3. Who do young people turn to for advice?

People usually seek advice from their parents and elderly on many issues. The young depend on their peers and teachers for advice on choosing their career paths while adults expect their parents and friends to help in relationship and family matters.

4. Do people like giving an opinion about politics?

Everyone has an opinion about politics. However, some give out opinions in view of degrading others and be dishonest which is not healthy. Anyway, in recent times, most of the people like expressing their views on politics on social media.