Describe a time when you visited a street market
  • When it was

  • Where you were

  • What you bought

  • How you felt about it

I would like to describe a street market that I visited last week.  I live in quite a residential area which is located in the center of the city and the street market is located at the end of my street. It is quite popular in the area, because of the daily offers and interesting deals that are offered to the customers. The name of the market is “Santa Monica Farmers Market”, it attracts the customers with fresh farm vegetables and fruits at reasonable prices. You can also find separate sections for meat and other items.

It was originally started in the year 1910 and it is an old market in my locality and the market is famous for profuse availability of fruits, vegetables, meat and so on, irrespective of the season with eccentric offers. You can find almost all the items in the market. 

On every Friday an exhibition is conducted on the other side of the market, where children can enjoy rides and spend some quality time with their family members. One of my friends has a shop that sells apparels in the market and he says that the members in the market are really friendly and co-operative. 

I never sweat purchasing anything from my list at “Santa Monica Farmers Market”, because of its transparency. Especially the fruits over there are really fresh and delectable.



  1. Profuse – Of great quantity.
  2. Eccentric – Different.
  3. Apparels – Clothes
  4. delectable - delicious


Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. Do you like shopping or going out for shopping?

I love to do both. I like to go shopping when I have free time. However, I also check e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Best Buy to keep myself up to date about the new apparels that are introduced into the market

2. What is the difference between shopping with friends and shopping alone?

Shopping with friends is nexus of fun, they help you to choose best items for you and at the same time you can rejuvenate. I prefer shopping with friends rather than shopping alone, because I feel bored when I shop alone.

3. What are the disadvantages of shopping in a big mall?

As every coin has two sides, it is obvious to have a few cons of shopping in big malls such as unnecessary purchases, wastage of time and also poor customer service.

4. Why do people like to buy branded products

Branded products come with quality. At the end of the day comfort and happiness matters a lot. This is the justification of the people showing much interest on branded items.

5. In your opinion are big discounts real or just an advertisement?

In this contemporary life style, everyone wants to jump onto the big discount's bandwagon. But one need to be proficient about these offers and they are a bit real