Describe a town or city where you would like to live in the future.
  • Where is it?

  • How you know about this city?

  • What is it famous for?

  • Why you would like to live there?

I was born in a small town called ‘Jasper’, which is located in Alberta, Canada. It is famous for its alpine lakes and waterfalls. I completed my graduation last year and I am looking forward to moving to Toronto, because the job market in Toronto is relatively high when compared to other cities and the pay rate is better there and I can find a job easily. 

Recently, one of my friends moved to Toronto and he is working as a software engineer in a renowned organization. He told me that there are a plethora of opportunities for graduate students in Toronto and cost of living is cheaper than other places. I also did my research on the internet about this city and came to know that it is the cleanest and safest city in Canada. Recently the Canadian government issued a ‘Wellbeing City’ award to Toronto. 

Toronto is known for several things, every year the ‘Caribbean Carnival Festival’ is celebrated and one million attendees travel from United States of America to participate in the festival. It has famous universities such as ‘University of Toronto’ and ‘York University’. It attracts people from around the world because of its multicultural environment and incredible opportunities. 

I have many reasons to settle down there. Primarily, it is safe and the people over there are really friendly. I get to meet several people and make new friends. I can explore new traditions, cultures and it is the fourth most livable city in the world. The climate in Toronto is semi-continental, with a warm, humid summer and a cold winter. The health services are free and the city is connected to major rail and road transportation. 


  • Renowned – Famous
  • Plethora – Excess, Abundance
  • Incredible – Beyond Belief, Magnificent
  • Livable – Worth living

Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. Why do more and more people live in the city?

Many people think there are several advantages such as best medical services, better transportation system, and lot of entertainment options. People can get best education and acquire desired jobs.

2. What are some factors that attract people to settle down in certain places?

Well, that depends on the individual preference. According to me, the main factors are safety, infrastructure, education, connection and mobility. Some people choose to live in pollution free places, while some people choose places that provide good life style.

3. What are the differences between the young and old when choosing where to live?

Young people prefer places where they can find career growth, personal development and recreation. However, old people want a serene life with good health care facilities and their family presence.