Describe a tradition in your country
  • What is it?

  • Who takes part in it?

  • What activities are there?

  • And explain how you feel about it?

India is a diverse country with rich heritage and cultural values. There is a plethora of traditions that people obey. Nevertheless, one tradition that is coherently followed across the nation is performing
housewarming ceremony. This is performed when one buys a new home and enters it for the first time. It is believed that practicing this ceremony on an auspicious day after buying a property brings
good fortune.
People who purchase a new house usually conduct a ceremony praising god as per their religious beliefs along with their family. This is a vital ritual which brings health and affluence to those who live in the house. Many invite their friends and relatives to this ceremony to celebrate their contentment with them.
As part of this ritual, one enters the house holding a copper pot filled with water and grains, on which a coconut decorated with turmeric is placed. They are accompanied by a priest chanting mantras and well-wishers praying along. This is followed by boiling milk until it overflows which signifies an abundance of merriment and wealth to the family. Later, food is served to everyone as a sign of sharing good cheer and to receive blessings.
Owning a house is an achievement and I feel this is a positive way of celebrating it. I am someone who relishes throwing a lavish housewarming ceremony, making it a memorable one for me and my family. Performing rituals during housewarming notes a holy mark in the place and spreads good vibes. I believe it gives us a chance to share joy with family and friends.



  1. Plethora – a large amount of something
  2. Coherently – uniformly
  3. Affluence – the state of having a great amount of wealth
  4. Abundance – a large quantity of something
  5. Relish – enjoy greatly
  6. Lavish – luxurious

Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. What is the importance of traditional festivals?

Traditional festivals play a significant role in bringing family and friends together. Besides, they allow kids to learn the origin of festivals and the reason they are celebrated. People forget about their woes and feel relaxed while celebrating festivals.

2. What’s the difference between festivals now and in the past?

In the past, festivals were accompanied with elders telling tales of celebrations during the ancient era and the style of commemoration was conservative. Nowadays, people are fixated on contemporary ways of celebrations and are not aware of the historical importance of festivals.

3. Do you think western festivals like Christmas are replacing traditional festivals in your country?

To a certain extent, people are adopting western culture and are celebrating festivals like Christmas with their family, however, this does not necessarily mean they abandoned traditional festivals. They celebrate all kinds of festivals as a sign of positivity.

4. Do you think it is wrong for children not to celebrate traditional festivals?

I believe parents need to educate their children about the importance of celebrating festivals. Kids can get carried away by the advanced technology and ignore traditions, but parents need to ensure that they know the significance of such festivals.

5. Do you think teenagers should learn about traditions?

Yes, teenagers should absolutely know traditions. Because traditions give a glimpse of the culture we adopt. They are necessary to lead a positive life and should be passed down to the younger generations.