Describe an aquatic animal
  • What it looks like?

  • When did you see it?

  • Where you saw it?

  • Explain why it is interesting?

I consider sea animals to be majestic and find them utterly fascinating. With this interest, I watch geographic channels and often visit aquariums to learn more about them. There are myriads of aquatic animals that have caught my attention, but the dolphin is my favourite one. Dolphins are friendly creatures with cute features. Young dolphins are small; about the size of a human infant, while adult ones are relatively big with smooth bodies and huge fins. They make sounds that mimic human laughter and tend to catch on to things quickly. It is said that they are highly intelligent; one of the reasons they learn directions fast. 

The first time I saw a dolphin live was when I visited the Ocean Park in Delhi last year. I went on a vacation to Delhi and some surrounding places for a month when I heard about the weeklong exhibition in the Ocean Park that included a dolphin show. I was enthralled by it and booked a time to attend the show. It was a fantastic experience to have watched many dolphins perform assorted stunts.

I think dolphins are beguiling because of their social and learning abilities. They understand human communication and learn what is taught to them swiftly. They are vastly exhibited in numerous water parks and indulge in activities like dancing, playing with rings and balls. Besides, they are extremely adorable, making a watcher admire them. Watching such kind of performances from a sea animal is highly engrossing and I feel happy watching them on TV channels regularly. 



  1. Utterly – absolutely
  2. Myriads – numerous
  3. Enthralled – fascinated
  4. Assorted – various, diverse
  5. Engrossing – absorbing one’s attention

Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. Why do people like to keep pets?

I believe pets help people feel happy and accompany them in their good and bad situations. People also feel relaxed and relieved of any mental stress when they spend more time their pets. In addition, pets eventually become family to many and hence people like keeping pets.

2. What should we do to protect endangered animals?

Individuals should have collective responsibility towards preserving endangered species and promote their protection by educating others and collecting funds for their survival. Governments also need to act proactively to save animals that are on the brink of extinction by prohibiting hunting and deforestation.

3. Do you support doing experiments on animals?

I consider putting animals through intense experiments for the benefit of mankind, cruel. Although some science experiments require animal testing, it should be avoided, and people should be encouraged to use cruelty free products.

4. Why do some people refuse to eat animals?

Some believe have immense affection for animals leading them to be vegetarians, while some others ignore eating meat because of their religious beliefs. Many people in India worship animals and eating them is a sign of disrespect towards God.

5. What would happen when some species disappear on earth?

Extinction of species results in a significant number of negative impacts. It leads to a disturbance in the natural ecosystem and badly effects ecological balance.