Describe an area of science that interests you
  • What is it?

  • How did you learn about it?

  • Why are you interested in it?

  • Explain how this area of science help you?

Science is an important subject to Science is vast with multifarious branches; some of them being physics, chemistry, and biology. Ever since childhood, biology fascinated me the most. There were innumerous facts of life that I learned from studying about plants, insects, and human body. It was my favourite subject in school, and I continued to pursue a graduate degree in the same field. 

Initially, I was not interested in learning biology and treated it as merely a subject that I needed to score a passing marks in. However, my perception was changed by the engaging method of teaching that my middle school teacher, Mr. Joseph opted for. He demonstrated many experiments and gave live examples including the minute details of elements like buds and roots of flowers, replicas of human organs and insects. I was quickly turned into a biology enthusiast as the experiments and live classes were appealing to me.

Biology is a study of life and nature. To observe and learn what constitutes various species of plants and animals in the environment surrounding us including how they work and behave is compelling. I have taken a keen interest in furthering my studies in biology to research more in ways to preserve endangered plant species that encompass a major part of ecology. I believe what I do makes a difference and result in a small yet momentous change to the world. 


  1. Multifarious – of various types
  2. Innumerous – multiple
  3. Enthusiast – someone who is very interested in a subject
  4. Appealing – interesting
  5. Compelling – evoking attention
  6. Momentous – significant

Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. What’s the best invention in the past hundred years?

Although there were a multitude of significant inventions in the past century, I consider artificial intelligence the best of all. It has paved new paths to the technological era and gave rise to numerous developments of late.

2. What’s the influence of science on human life?

I believe science explains many universal phenomena. It describes the logic of human life and details intricacies of species paving ways to multiple improvements in other fields.

3. What can individuals do for scientific research?

Individuals can pitch in ideas for innovations in science and help accelerate research to reach solutions for grave problems like global warming and extinction of animals. In addition, they can also donate money to help improve scientific research.

4. What influence can international cooperation in science bring about?

Research in recent times is facing issues with funding to support further discoveries. If nations can collaborate and campaign to collect funds as well as share knowledge, it would lead to much needed discoveries and innovations.