Describe an argument two of your friends had
  • When it happened

  • What it was about

  • How it solved

  • How you felt about it

If an argument takes place between my peers, I always try to reconcile the issue. I would like to tell you about an argument that had happened between two of my friends, when we were studying under graduation. I remember it vaguely, so, I will try to articulate it as best as possible.

The issue took place when a notice was released about phone usage and also ban on social networking websites inside the college campus. The discussion started in a general way and took its turn to asserted statements from two of my friends. One of my friends agreed to the restriction of mobile phones in the college premises and another friend of mine was totally against the proposal.

One argued that the usage of mobile phones may be prone to detachment and can also contaminate the college environment, while the other pointed out that phones can be useful in emergency situations and for communication purposes. Both, were right in their respective views. 

I told them that the argument contained positive and negative sides like a coin has two sides. It was a healthy argument and I believe arguments are needed to express our views explicitly and respect the other person’s views at the same time. An argument with good etiquette is to be maintained as part of decency.



  1. Vaguely - in a way that is unclear
  2. Articulate – Express clearly in words
  3. Contaminate – Pollute
  4. Assert – State Something Firmly
  5. Reconcile – Substitute the argument with peace

Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. Do you think arguments are important?

Yes, I do believe arguments are important because, they are necessary to express our views and also, we can understand the ideas of another person. Sometimes our point of view can be changed after an argument.

2. What do family members generally argue about?

I think family members can argue on silly matters, coming to my family, me and my family members argue about house hold chores. I sometimes argue with my mother about the curries that she plans to prepare for lunch or dinner

3. Is it easier for you to have arguments with your friends or your family members?

Arguing with friends is as chilling as it is and the argument can be prolonged for hours. When you argue with a family member, I think the argument never ends. It can be witched from one point to other. I believe arguments with friends can be managed easily

4. Do you think people should change the way they think when they argue?

According to me, people should listen and try to understand what the other person is trying to say. At the same time, we should convey our views in an appropriate manner. Arguments helps us to conclude the point of view

5. If two people argue, do you think a third person should be involved in the settlement?

When two people who are involved in the argument are matured enough to reconcile the argument with their verdicts, then it is not necessary for a third party to involve and settle the argument.

6. Why do you think people are stubborn and unwilling to change?

It surely depends on the individual person and the particular beliefs involved, but in some cases at least I think it really comes down to how much the person has invested in those beliefs and what it would mean to acknowledge that they were wrong.

7. Do you think you are stubborn?

Well, that depends. I never give up on my dreams and always push myself to achieve my goals. But, in other situations I think I am flexible.

8. Will you be willing to change?

I always welcome change and I believe change comes with plethora of benefits. For example I used to wake up late in the mornings and from couple of months I am waking up at 5am in the morning and I realized there are lot of benefits when you wake up in the early mornings