Describe an art exhibition that you visited
  • When did you see this exhibition?

  • Where was the exhibition held?

  • What was on display?

  • Explain your impression of the exhibition.

I seldom visit exhibitions as I am more into attending workshops where something is taught. Anyway, I did see an exhibition last month which quickly attracted the attention of many people in the city. I was visiting my friend who lives in Bangalore, and I was practically forced to go see the exhibition that was being held in Central Art Gallery. Reluctantly, I went ahead, but I was completely surprised with the grandeur of the art pieces exhibited. All the art that was displayed was created by local artists who used a variety of materials to create breathtakingly beautiful paintings and handmade artwork. 

There were oil and acrylic paintings on display which exuded the lifestyle of people living in tribal regions. Works of intricately designed pottery and handlooms were showcased that expressed the sophisticated work of many regional creators. The paintings had minute details that closely resembled the works of many great artists. It was certainly a great sight to witness, what young artists have created. 

It was an enthralling experience for me and turned out better than I expected it to be. I also had the opportunity to meet some artists and discuss their work that involves hours of patience and unparalleled talent. The exhibition was aptly lit to bring out the best in a painting and other works on the show. In addition, I bought some pots and a painting as souvenirs from my visit. It was a fantastic arrangement overall and I felt content to have seen it. 



  1. Seldom – rarely
  2. Reluctantly – in a hesitant way
  3. Grandeur – splendour and impressiveness
  4. Breathtakingly - incredibly
  5. Exude – display strongly
  6. Intricate – complicated or detailed
  7. Enthralling – fascinating

Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. How could art exhibitions attract more visitors?

Advertising helps spread word about art exhibitions and arranging live music attracts a larger crowd. I think offering discounts on items displayed and free entry would be an added advantage to get more people to visit the exhibitions.

2. Are art exhibitions popular in your country?

Yes, art exhibitions are frequently held in India with a significant crowd attending them. People usually like to visit exhibitions in their leisure time to have fun and enjoy the artworks displayed.

3. Do you think people should have to pay to visit art exhibitions?

I believe, there should be a minimum ticket price to visit an art gallery to help support the expenses of the exhibition. A part of this could also be paid to the artists whose work is displayed. An affordable fee ensures that enough number of people visit the exhibition while helping the management.

4. How will art exhibitions change in the future?

Art exhibitions may face trouble as many people, in recent times, prefer watching everything on their mobile devices. With availability of all products including artworks online for sale, some might not visit exhibitions anymore. However, true art lovers who like to witness art live would always visit such shows to encourage growing artists.