Describe an old friend you got in contact with again.
  • Who he or she is?

  • What he or she is like?

  • How did you get in contact?

  • And explain how you felt about it?

Sample Answer 1:

I would like to talk about my old school friend. I had a great yearning to meet her for a long time as we had grown apart after our university due to unavoidable circumstances. 

Speaking about her qualities and what kind of a person she is I would like to say that she had always been a very dependable friend all throughout my childhood It was indeed tragic that she lost her mother when we were in school and this event brought her closer to my family, as my mother made sure that she was a part of every celebration at our home and that's how we shared a very strong bonding when we grew up . She's a really strong person with an independent, outspoken attitude. Though her father was against her decision of joining the armed forces she managed to convince him and persisted till she gained success. After my University I didn’t get an opportunity to come in touch with her and I always missed her all throughout my adult life. 

My family moved to my hometown and of course her family too had to do the same after we completed our university studies and we got so busy with our family lives that we lost contact with each other. Recently, I went to my hometown to attend my daughter's wedding and I decided to invite her. I set off on my quest for her details and with the help of Facebook, I came across her contact details. I invited her over to the wedding and to my surprise, I could not believe my eyes, I was totally stunned to see her at the venue. 

We managed to steal some time after the function and had a hasty chat on the major things that we had missed. I met her over a cup of tea at a Café, the next day and spent almost two hours of togetherness. We also promised each other to keep in touch and meet up at least once in a year.



  1. Quest for- look for or search for
  2. Stunned-surprised
  3. Persisted- continue in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.
  4. Outspoken- frank in stating one's opinions, especially if they are shocking or controversial.

Sample Answer 2:

People often lose touch with their old friends from school and college when they move on with their lives choosing different career paths. I'm not an anomaly for this and I am barely in contact with friends that I had in my childhood and high school days. I had a best friend in school name Alice with whom I spent most of my middle school and summer vacations with. We have been friends since second grade when I first joined sunflower primary school and she was the first one I talked to.

She was a sweet girl with chubby cheeks, curly hair, and big eyes. She always had a sense of inquisitiveness to discover something and make her own identity in this world. We participated in many science and sports competitions in school where we were garnered with several prizes. Eventually, we lost touch after school as we pursued higher education in cities that are miles away. Anyway, I came across her profile while browsing Facebook and sent her a friend request immediately; thanks to technology, we caught up and decided to meet. If it wasn’t for the technological advancements that made connecting long lost friends easier, I probably never would have seen her again. 

I was ecstatic to meet her after a decade of being unaware of her whereabouts. We met in a café where we spent hours reminiscing the days we spent together. It was nostalgic as I cried holding her when I saw her. We promised to keep in touch and now, call each other often whenever we find time. 



  1. Anomaly – exception
  2. Inquisitiveness – curiosity
  3. Ecstatic – feeling overwhelming happiness
  4. Reminisce – indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events

Part 3 Follow Up - Questions & Answers

1. What is the influence of social media on friendships?

Friendship on social media, I think, is just a matter of likes and dislikes. There are no feelings and its devoid of emotions. Social media has had a negative impact on relationships. In fact, depression, jealousy and a growing feeling of loneliness can be attributed to the use of social media.

2. Why do people lose contact with each other after graduation?

Majority of university graduates get busy with earning their livelihood. Most of the time they have to move on to other cities or even overseas, in their search for better prospects. They get so engrossed in their daily lives that they fail to keep in touch with their friends.

3. Do people in your country like to make new friends?

Yes of course, people in my country are well known for their qualities like friendliness in addition to being generous and hospitable. They love hanging out with their friends and even staying over at each other’s homes.

4. Do you think old friends are more important to the old generation or the young generation?

I think old friends are important to both the new and old generation. I think meeting up with childhood friends brings back childhood days and most of us miss that carefree time. People of all ages cherish their childhood memories and never miss out any opportunity of reliving them.